Arrangement and remix

If we turn to encyclopaedic sources, then arrangement is a kind of activity that includes the preparation and adaptation of a piece of music to represent it in a form different from the original one. The very word “arrangement” is of French origin, the verb arrange means “to put in order, arrange”. Song arrangement also involves changing harmony, applying transpositions and modulations, often adding new material, intro, codes and others.

Simply said, getting a “pure” music track, the arranger changes the rhythm, the tempo, adds different kinds of sound and brings it all to the kind in which the content suits not only the listener, but also various media resources (radio, TV…).

If we talk about arrangement of larger musical forms, then we can name the transcription, for example, of violin parts for voice or vice versa.

The essence of musical arrangement is a purposeful change in the rhythm, tempo, size and duration of the composition. Arrangement, qualitatively made in MART Sound Production studio, can change for the better not only the colour of the track, but also its melody. So, there are cases when a sad minor composition became quite rhythmic. Therefore, he author, who created the original song, sometimes hardly recognizes it after the arrangement. The main task of the arranger is to preserve the main idea and to emphasize the individual image of the performer. And, in order to guess the style, it is better to turn to the services of a music producer.

To a large extent, the arrangement process is very similar to the work of a composer. After all, in fact, the arranger of the Kyiv recording studio MART Sound Production creates the sound of the track. This specialist composes the parts for each instrument that he wants to hear in the final version of the song. An important role is played by the arranger while working with the vocal.

Arrangement and remix | MART Sound Production

It happens that when ordering an arrangement of a song, price is a fundamental factor. This is an incorrect position, which can lead not to the best result. It is more important to pay attention to the qualifications of the specialists of the selected recording studio, having thoroughly studied the portfolio.

In addition, musical arrangement is intellectual and painstaking work. With an individual approach to each composition. A good arranger always follows the sound innovations, fresh trends in the music industry, has a good eye for the hit sound and is always half a step ahead of the rest.

Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, there are people who underestimate the importance of musical arrangements. There are also songwriters who zealously defend the primary type of content, not understanding how this can affect the fate of the track. But, in what form the song reaches the broad masses (and whether it reaches at all) depends on the professionalism of the arranger. Therefore, at the stage of melody processing it is worthwhile to completely rely on the professionals of MART Sound Production.

It is important to note that ordering an arrangement in Kyiv means creating a sound not just of a single track, but of the whole group or artist. It is no secret that every successful musician is always recognizable, that is, differs by his trademark sound. And there is great merit of the arranger, who ensures the uniqueness of the music content.

Do not confuse the arrangement with the remix. The latter is created on the basis of the finished track and allows the mixing of some parts of the composition, the imposition of sound special effects. This makes it possible to make content acceptable for sound on media resources that broadcast music, radically different from the one that sounds in the original version of the song.

Music is born in the heart. It can be sung or played – on the piano, guitar, violin… Music can sound in a different way. The main thing is that each time it sounds nice, beautiful and unusually good.

стоимость | cost: The cost of writing arrangements and remixes is negotiable

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