If you need to buy a song, you have come to the right place. Dozens of talented authors collaborate with us, in turn, we are always ready to welcome new young and promising composers, textwriters, arrangers into our ranks. We are always ready to help to choose the musical material, to advise, to pick it up at the desired image and style.

  • Минорно
  • Мурашишь
  • Ты со мной
  • Волнами
  • Неделимые
  • Небо дождём
  • Луна
  • Полчаса
  • Лети
  • Я здесь
  • Самолёт
  • Прости
  • Парус
  • Сияние
  • Кабриолет
  • Атлантида
  • Я буду
  • Мальчик, стопэ
  • Фаталити
  • Тебе нема
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