1. The recording studio prohibits open fire, eating, psychotropic substances, drinking any drinks and smoking. For coffee breaks, there is a specially equipped catering area outside the immediate premises of the studio;

2. The administration reserves the right to not allow into the studio and remove from it persons in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;

3. Schedule of work and calculation of studio rental time:

     3.1. For you, in regular mode, we work from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 21:00. The cost of renting a studio before 10:00 and after 21:00 is paid at a rate of +50% to the standard cost. Studio rental on weekends is paid at the rate of + 50% to the standard price and at least 2 hours;

     3.2. The calculation is based on the fact of the time booked, rather than the time of your arrival and the beginning of your work;

     3.3. The studio is rented exclusively hourly. If additional time is necessary, and only if the studio is not occupied, you can extend the lease for another hour, if agreed with the administrator. If the studio is booked by the next client, your request for an extension of the rental period will be rejected;

     3.4. At the early completion of work in the studio, the reserved time is paid in full;

4. Reservation of the studio is carried out exclusively for 100% prepayment of your chosen time. Payment can be made in the office of the studio in cash, by bank card, Privat24, PayPal, by bank transfer;

5. If you refuse to rent a studio, or transfer the date and time of the lease in less than 3 days, the recording studio administration reserves the right to withhold 100% of the prepayment amount;

6. Rules for the use of equipment:

     6.1. Preparation and adjustment of studio equipment is carried out exclusively by a staff member;

     6.2. Further adjustments to the settings and use of the equipment are carried out by the tenant’s sound engineer, all material liability for damage to which is also assigned to him;

     6.3. Unauthorized removal of equipment outside the recording studio is strictly prohibited;

     6.4. In the case of a tenant working with a staff sound engineer, the financial responsibility for the incorrect use of studio equipment by the tenant is assigned to him;

7. Compensation for damages to studio equipment, accessories or interior is carried out by the tenant in the amount of market value;

8. At the end of work in the studio everything should be put in order

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