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Today, in the 21st century, when the pace of life is accelerating, and the flow of information is increasing, it is simply necessary to optimize activities to remain successful in business. Implementing global changes, it is worth considering all the nuances. It is very important to provoke interest and to win a potential client at the stage of acquaintance. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the IVR recording, or the interactive voice menu. Competently and qualitatively created greeting will help to gain the affection of the customer who called the company.

If you want, you can record the voice menu in different languages ​​- Ukrainian, Russian, English (the choice of an additional foreign language depends on the market to which the company’s business is directed). In this case, after the greeting, the voice of the answering machine must offer a convenient method of communication.

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Record IVR voice menu
от 1500 грн
Background music for voice menu IVR
от 1500 грн
Writing (editing) text for voice menu IVR
от 1000 грн

Recommended speakers:

  • Oleksandr 0101

    Advertising, Dubbing, Games, Presentations, IVR, Audiobooks

    from 1500 UAH
  • Denis 0102

    Advertising, Dubbing, Games, IVR, Audiobooks, Songs

    from 1500 UAH
  • Dmitriy 0103

    Advertising, Dubbing, Games, Presentations, IVR, Audiobooks

    from 3000 UAH
  • Alina 0104

    Advertising, Dubbing, Games, Presentations, IVR, Audiobooks

    from 1500 UAH
  • Maria 0106

    Advertising, Dubbing, Games, Presentations, IVR

    from 1000 UAH
  • Yaryna 0201

    Advertising, Dubbing, Games, Presentations, IVR

    from 1000 UAH
  • Sergii 0131

    Advertising, Dubbing, Games, Presentations, IVR

    from 3000 UAH
  • Evgen 0111

    Advertising, Dubbing, Games, Presentations, IVR, Audiobooks

    from 1500 UAH
  • Juliya 0114

    Advertising, Dubbing, Games, Presentations, IVR, Audiobooks

    from 1500 UAH

Background music:

  • Rock
  • Relax
  • Pop Funk
  • Our world
  • New Technology
  • New Promo
  • Magic inspired
  • Happy
  • Funk
  • Royal

We are often asked::

what is included in the price of the service?

Depending on the type of IVR voice menu you need and detailed information. tasks (the selected announcer, the amount of text and menu sections, musical accompaniment, time for performance, etc.), the price includes:

  • speaker’s fee
  • writing text for the voice menu
  • sound engineer’s work
  • background music
  • work of the recording studio
  • recording, editing, processing and collating of material
  • adaptation for those. requirements of your PBX
  • project administration

can I get a discount if we have a large amount?

Yes, depending on the total volume and complexity of the task, we can discuss a discount of 5% to 30% on the services of the announcer and studio.

what does the customer provide?

  • detailed terms of reference
  • Wishes and references (ready-made examples) for reading the text by the announcer
    finally approved text (A4 font size Arial – 14pt)
  • transliteration and stress in the names of trademarks, specific words, abbreviations …
  • music, if necessary
  • all possible initial materials in the case of voice acting and / or dubbing a film, a clip, a transmission, etc.

if there is an error in the entry, or something does not like us, how is it solved?

Before the recording process, we are asking, and after that we discuss in detail the technical assignment with you and approve all the texts … And in the process of recording and at the processing stage we strictly follow the approved task. If the client wants to make changes or add something (overwrite) on his own initiative, the cost of this work is discussed and paid extra. In case the error is committed by the announcer or through our fault, we eliminate it at our own expense.

As a rule, the IVR recording contains a greeting and basic brief information about the company to which the call was made.

In addition to the voice greeting, in Kyiv you can create an information menu, in which calls are distributed to different departments. That is, the IVR system can be created in such a way as to distribute incoming calls in the necessary directions. The subscriber should simply take his phone off to the tone dialling mode, which is not difficult, and, listening to IVR prompts, use the keys to control the voice menu.

Recording a voice greeting allows to optimize the work of an office employee – manager, administrator or secretary, eliminating the need to manually redirect incoming calls, delegating this function to the voice menu. But the most important thing is that using the IVR voice menu allows you to establish effective communication between the client and the company: a simple and intuitive voice menu will hold the client, and background music will relax while waiting for communication with a representative of the company.

Recording voice greeting in Kyiv is quick and, importantly, qualitative. Recording to an answering machine can be done in the recording studio MART Sound Production. In the course of preparation, the following nuances should be considered. The voice greeting should be pleasant for perception by hearing. Hence the voice of the speaker on the answering machine should be loud enough, the diction – understandable, and the text – laconic.  The presence in the voice menu of noises or too loud background music is unacceptable, since it can prevent from good communication and even spoil the impression of the company.

Professional recording studio MART Sound Production has all the necessary equipment that allows you to make a high-quality recording of the voice greeting and voice menu. The experienced speakers will be able to synchronize voices on the answering machine. For this, the recording studio has a rich voice base, where each speaker has a well-defined voice, a pleasant timbre and a clear pronunciation. The voice for the answering machine can be selected independently from the voice actors’ base or by listening to the advice of the sound engineer.

It is important that the voice for the answering machine be neutral, calm and unobtrusive. When selecting a speaker it is necessary to take into account the features of the company, the scope of its activities. Professionals of Kyiv studio MART Sound Production have a wide experience of work with sound and will pick up a voice for an answering machine taking into account wishes of the customer.

The IVR voice menu can be supplemented with background music. In the recording studio MART Sound we will pick up the desired melody and edit it so that the melody shades out the text, complementing it.

To record a voice greeting, you must first prepare the text. It should be concise, understandable and contain the most important information. The main thing is that, after calling the company, the subscriber for a short time learned the basic information in a convenient and concise form.

The next step in preparation for the IVR record is to select the voice for the information menu. The text will be recorded by the speaker with such intonation and accents that will make it pleasant and understandable to the potential client. After that, the sound is edited.

Recording a voice greeting, as well as a voice menu, is a necessary stage in the effective and productive work of the company.  The client will not only receive useful information, but will also be able to redirect his call to the necessary department, when he hears hints.

To record a voice greeting and IVR voice menu means to improve the quality of work with potential customers and improve the company’s service. A high-quality service will attract the attention of a larger audience, raising the business to a new level.

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