Mastering is the final stage of work on the track, implying the elimination of minor problems that occurred at the stage of recording and mixing, enriching its sound and ensuring the portability of the material to the widest possible range of playback systems. As a result of mastering, the track sounds great on all kinds of equipment and is completely ready for release.

Qualitative mastering of the track should be conducted by an experienced mastering engineer in a professional studio with world-class equipment. Only in this case the track will sound as good as it is possible.

A room in which mastering is carried out is extremely important: a well-designed studio room provides the most correct and adequate control over the sound. The professionalism of the mastering engineer combines a nice ear, exceptional attention to every detail, technical skill, years of experience in mixing and mastering of tracks. The importance of the best equipment does not require further clarification.

Mastering | MART Sound Production

However, the most important guarantee of a good result is the quality of the source material (recording of vocal/instruments, written arrangements, mixed track). The recording of the performer’s voice has its own characteristics, observance of which ensures the absence of acoustic defects. Competent mixing should also be conducted by a professional to avoid gross errors in the balance of instruments, distortions on individual track elements, excessive compression and reverberations, etc. At the mastering stage, you can not fix absolutely all the mistakes made at the previous stages of the track creation, respectively, the better the track is before mastering, the better it will sound after it.

MART Sound Production has gathered under its roof top equipment, talented and experienced specialists – sound engineers, mixing and mastering engineers, ready to cope with any task – from the accumulation of vocal and instruments, writing arrangements, to mixing and mastering of tracks, and to provide the best result promptly.

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