Mixing is the process of creating a single composition from separate components (separately recorded audio tracks and written arrangement). This process includes bringing sound tracks to a balance between each other, panning, spectral processing and adding effects. In the result we get a complete composition ready, which sounds  harmoniously, dynamically and beautifully. The next step is mastering.

Key roles in the process of mixing are the experience and professionalism of the mixing engineer, the quality of the source material, as well as the acoustically prepared room and professional equipment in it.

A sound engineer who mixes tracks must have both a creative vision of the musician and a proper level of technical training.

Mixing | MART Sound Production

Tone studio, which records vocals and musical instruments, must be properly designed and equipped, since a sensitive microphone catches not only the voice of the vocalist or the sound of the instrument, but also the extraneous sound reflections (from any objects in the room: furniture, wall and floor covering material, etc., which eventually leads to acoustic defects of the source material). The studio equipment – microphones, headphones, preamps, etc. – play an important role in the recording quality.

The general level of comfort of a vocalist or musician is the third and final key to qualitative accumulation of vocal or instruments: the vocalist must warm up well, all the equipment must be tuned to him so that there is no volume overload during recording or too quiet voice.

Accordingly, a recording for subsequent vocal and instrument mixing should take place in a professional recording studio. And the mixing itself should be entrusted to the masters of their craft. MART Sound Production has gathered under its roof top equipment, talented and experienced specialists – sound engineers, mixing and mastering engineers, ready to give the best result promptly.

стоимость | cost: The cost of mixing is negotiable

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