Multichannel sound recording

For the song to sound worthy and find its listeners, it is not enough just to compose words and music. Separate attention should be paid to recording this track. Of course a lot depends on how to record vocals. But perfect sounding of the instruments that sound in the track is not unimportant.

The XXI century amuses with all sorts of technical innovations that allow improving both the production process and the final product. Thanks to modern technologies, the process of multichannel sound recording has become more advanced and qualitative.

Today on the Internet you can find a huge amount of information on how to record at home. But in order for the song to sound in TV and radio, professional sound recording is needed. So, you should go to the recording studio. Thus, specialists of MART Sound Production in Kyiv can offer a service of recording a song “on a turn-key basis”.

This means that the production of the track at all stages of recording in the studio will be handled by experienced sound engineers. And for this studio MART Sound has a full range of specialized audio equipment.

Multichannel sound recording | MART Sound Production

Recording in the studio is a laborious and time consuming process. It requires skill not only from the performer, who is responsible for recording vocals in the studio. The professionalism of the musicians taking part in recording the track is important. As a rule, each participant of the process is written separately, but if desired, such a record can be made by recording simultaneously several sources (instruments).

By the way, this principle of sound recording in Kyiv makes it possible to record in a small room music performed by a large team. So, you can separately record the vocals and parts of each instrument that are involved in the process of creating the track.

Catch the inspiration and sound qualitatively with the Kyiv recording studio MART Sound Production!

стоимость | cost: from USD 40 to 120 per hour

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