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“Take on trust” – this is the principle of creating an audio clip. And it’s hard to argue with that. Because the most important thing in an audio clip is, of course, the text and who and how reads this text. After all, the creation of an audio clip does not imply a “picture”, a video image. So, all the basic information must be conveyed to the consumer exclusively in the “audio” mode, creating a clear text.

First of all, it should be noted that, in general, audio clips can be different. So, there are image, information, gaming, etc audio clips. Each of them has its own peculiarities. For example, an information audio clip, as a rule, is voiced with one voice, informing potential customers about the main information about the company, its products or services.

The image audio clip is distinguished by the fact that it is voiced by someone well known to the broad masses of people. Thus, the company recording such an audio clip highlights its high status and reasonably counts on the high result of the advertising campaign.

Two professional speakers can take part in the recording of the game audio clip. At the heart of the plot of such an audio clip is a scene, a funny situation. But in the end everything, of course, comes down to the services or goods of the advertised company.

Most often, audio commercials are played on the radio. And ideally, it’s good to produce several audio clips that match the style and concept of the radio stations on which they will sound. But most often advertisers do not take into account the difference of audiences of one radio station from another and place the same audio on different radio stations. And in this case, you can simply not cover a valuable segment of potential customers. In order not to waste money on several versions, you need to create one, but universal – an audio clip that will fit organically into the concept of any radio station and will cause the listener to have positive emotions.

The main task, which is important to fulfil during the creation of audio clips, is to release content that will attract new customers, highlighting favourably against the background of other commercials. The production of audio clips provides not only the timing or other technical parameters indicated by radio stations.

It is important to choose several points, that should be emphasized in the audio clip. Too much information or incorrectly delivered text at best will not attract the attention of the listener. In the worst – will cause negative emotions.

Production of audio clips | MART Sound Production

Therefore, when recording advertising audio clips, it is necessary to trust professionals who will write the text of the desired format and volume, correctly arranging the accents taking into account the listener’s perception of the information in the “audio” format. It is also important to choose the speaker for the voice-over correctly. In a good recording studio, there is always the right option in the voice database.

Separately, we should talk about creating audio advertising for shopping centres. And here it is important to consider the volume level when recording an audio clip. One wrong step – and advertising will remain unheard, no matter how interesting and attractive it may be. In addition, it is worth considering that the shopping centre (especially multi-storied) is a place where advertising sounds from everywhere. In order not to merge with a common audio stream, you need to stand out. How? The answer is known to professionals, who should order the production of an audio clip.

Production of audio advertising is a process consisting of several stages (concept development, creation of text, speaker selection, speaker accumulation and clip mixing). And it’s good, when you can find a company that provides such integrated services. This will not only save time and money, but will also benefit the integrity and quality of the final audio product.

Therefore, before ordering an audio clip, you should get acquainted in detail with the portfolio of companies that provide such services. It is desirable to see the “product” in action. That is, to hear the audio clips made by this company on the radio, in the walls of shopping centres or on other sites. And only after making sure that the audio clip sounds effectively and is perceived correctly, you can make an order.

Recording studio MART Sound Production offers a service package for creating a turn-key audio clip – from a huge voice database to a quality accumulation and mixing of an audio clip, and has “under its belt” 10 years of experience in providing the full range of sound recording services. We are ready to give the best result promptly!

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