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Generally, the producer is the person who is in charge of creating a certain product. It’s not just about music, but about any other kind of art, whether it’s cinema, theatre, ballet, solo artist or band. Producer is engaged in the embodiment of the project, starting from the idea and ending with hype, advertising, promotion.

It’s clear that he does not do it himself. A real producer can just not inspire but give life to the project. He can, by gathering a team of like-minded people, start the process of creating a project and lead it to success.

Speaking specifically about musical content, in the process of birth an important role is played by another producer – a musical one. Today in the credits of a disc, track or album you can always find a sound producer. This person is engaged in “production” of sound, finds the right sound, effective arrangement, presentation

At first glance, it may seem that the sound producer is the same sound engineer. However, this is not quite true. Indeed, a music producer can perform the functions of a sound engineer. But in reality, the direction of the sound producer is narrower – he is more creative. Thus, musical production within the walls of MART Sound leads to the fact that a completely “bare” track acquires an incredible sound that perfectly conveys the mood and sinks into the listener’s heart, caressing the ear. Therefore, by and large, a music producer can safely be called one of the authors of content.

Sound production | MART Sound Production

There are cases when a music producer, adding to the rock composition the sound of a symphony orchestra, brought the track to the tops of the charts. Often it is the sound producer who suggests combining what seems incongruous. And as a result, the track and performers gain world fame, collecting prestigious awards.

The work of the MART Sound sound producer is not limited to one track. Musical production is an integral part of work on a whole album. With the help of a talented sound producer, it will be perceived as a whole, fully passing the mood and showing the style of performers In addition to work on sound, the sound producer is responsible for selecting songs, selecting musicians, developing a musical concept for tracks and even for choosing a recording studio. And of course it’s the sound producer who controls the recording of all content.

The production of music is important in various productions, when creating an audiobook, and even on children’s matinees. After all, music can create not only an organic background, but also create a mood, emphasize the character of the characters.

Thus, the sound producer plays an important role in creating content, especially when it comes to a new song or disc. Producing music in MART Sound involves several stages. At the stage of acquaintance, the sound producer determines the vocal data of the performer, learns about his wishes and learns more details about the manner of performance and the style in which the artist works. Thus, it becomes clear on what strengths to emphasize, and what is better to hide from the listener.

After this, the creative process of creating a musical product begins. And all this is managed by the sound producer. In the studio MART Sound music producer chooses session musicians and a studio to record a particular content. By the way, often a person engaged in producing music for the album, takes an active part in developing the design of printed products related to this conten.

If the producer works on how the musician is seen and perceived, the sound producer is responsible for how he is heard. Sound better than anyone else!

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