Stem mastering

Stem mastering is a separate kind of mastering, which implies the final processing of the multitrack (the combined groups of sound tracks).

Each track has several basic elements; often it’s vocal, guitar, stringed instruments, bass, keyboard instruments, etc. Regardless of the number, for example, of stringed instruments, after mixing they are combined into one unit. Having the stems of each element of the track, it becomes possible to make changes to any of them without affecting the others. In general, this will give a much better result than mastering one whole composition.

Example: vocal has wheezing S-sounds. We will be able to correct the high frequencies only in the vocal track, without affecting the high frequencies in the rest of the mix.

Thus, stem mastering allows you to perform more fine work with the track, as a result of which all uncritical errors made during recording and mixing will be corrected, the sound of the mix will become enriched and deep on all types of equipment, from a budget headset to a powerful hi-end equipment.

Stem mastering | MART Sound Production

Stem mastering, just like any other stage of creating a track, should be conducted by an experienced mastering engineer in an acoustically prepared room and on high-quality equipment. Only in this case your track will sound in the best way.

MART Sound Production is a studio complex of a premium class in the centre of Kyiv in Pecherskiy district, which gathered under its roof the best specialists of the recording industry and top-end equipment of the world level. We are ready to give the best result promptly!

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