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Oleksandr Ditkovskyi

Запись одной страницы А4 (кегль шрифта Arial - 14pt)

от 3000 грн

Record commercial for INTERNET

от 3500 грн

Record commercial for TV and radio

от 3500 грн



What is included in the price of the service?

Depending on the service you need and detailed information. tasks (number of speakers, number of pages, musical accompaniment, sound design, deadlines for performance, etc.), the price includes:

  • speaker’s fee
  • sound director’s fee (director of dubbing)
  • music and sound design
  • work of the recording studio
  • recording, editing, processing and collating of material
  • project administration

Can I get a discount if we have a large amount?

Yes, depending on the total volume and complexity of the task, we can discuss a discount of 5% to 30% on the services of the announcer and studio.

What does the customer provide?

  • detailed terms of reference
  • wishes and references (ready-made examples) for filling the text with an announcer, a vocal part (in the case of vocal rollers)
  • finally approved text (A4 font size Arial – 14pt)
  • transliteration and stress in the names of trademarks, specific words, abbreviations …
  • musical accompaniment, if necessary
  • all possible initial materials in the case of voice acting and / or dubbing a film, a clip, a transmission, etc.

If there is an error in the entry, or something does not like us, how is it solved?

Before the recording process, we are asking, and after that we discuss in detail the technical assignment with you and approve all the texts … And in the process of recording and at the processing stage we strictly follow the approved task. If the client wants to make changes or add something (overwrite) on his own initiative, the cost of this work is discussed and paid extra. In cases where an error is committed by a speaker or through our fault, we eliminate it at our own expense.

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