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Киевская студия звукозаписи MART Sound production предлагает комплекс услуг по озвучиванию и дубляжу фильмов, мультфильмов, сериалов и телепроектов с языка оригинала (английский, турецкий, испанский, французский, немецкий, китайский и другие) на русский или украинский и наоборот. У нас не только качественное озвучивание, но и качественный перевод – укладка текста и профессиональный дубляж в исполнении лучших дикторов и актеров из нашей базы голосов.
Озвучивание, или, как чаще говорят профессионалы – озвучание, озвучка, – это процесс записи звукового сопровождения фильма, сериала, анимации, телепроекта, который осуществляется в отсутствие возможности синхронной съемки или при перезаписи исходных элементов во избежание различных помех (шумы, фоновая речь и т.д.).
А дубляж – это, собственно, один из видов озвучивания. Однако дубляж фильмов (как и дубляж сериалов, мультфильмов или телепроектов) предусматривает изготовление речевой фонограммы на другом языке, смысловое содержание которой соответствует переводу оригинального звукового сопровождения.
Качественный дубляж подразумевает не только качественный перевод фильма с английского на русский, украинский или другие языки, но и идеальную укладку текста. А также профессиональное «исполнение» дикторами или актерами. Киевская студия звукозаписи MART Sound production работает только с лучшими из них. И предлагает клиентам обширную базу голосов.



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A clear speech of the speaker or actor is the guarantee of the correct delivery of information to the consumer (viewer). Often, dubbing of motion pictures may be more interesting, juicier than the original. So, over the past few years, most visitors of the cinemas point out the magnificent Ukrainian dubbing of American blockbusters.

A special attention deserves the voice-over of advertising. The difficulty is that for a short period of time, you need to correctly convey important information to the consumer. Even with a good “picture”, a potential customer wants to hear who offers him and what.

The quality of the voice-over of films and other videos directly depends on the skills of the sound engineer and the arrangement of the voice recording studio, which exists a lot in Kyiv. However, every studio does not guarantee you a good result. The choice of a recording studio should begin with a study of the site, looking in the section “Portfolio” or “Our customers”.

As a rule, in these sections you can find video and audio files placed. Watch and listen carefully, paying attention to whether the sound coincides with the articulation of the film’s heroes. Already at this stage it will become clear whether the specialists of this studio of voice-over in Kyiv will be able to ensure a high result.

During the preparation of the voice-over it is important to decide what it will be. The voice-over may be preliminary and consistent. Preliminary voice-over is necessary for the production of a clip or the production of a show (musical). In the voice over studio, music and voice are recorded. And then this record is used during the filming of a clip or work on a show.


The subsequent voice-over is a more complicated process, which takes place exclusively in a specially equipped studio. If we talk about video content, then in the subsequent voice-over it is required from the actor to clearly coincide with the articulation on the screen.

Such voice-over is used most often at the final stage of production of films and commercials. Therefore, the synchronism of the actor’s articulation in the studio with what the characters say on the screen is so important. And here an important role is played by the qualifications and experience of actors, speakers and sound engineers.

The subsequent voice-over is capable to relieve “a picture” from superfluous noises which appear at video shooting. Or it allows to “refine” the voice and diction of the hero on the screen. So, there are cases when another actor (speaker) speaks for the film or clip hero.

Experienced sound engineer at MART Sound will always find a way how to do it so that you cut out unnecessary pauses and at the same time the actor does not have to repeat the same phrase many, many times, trying to get into the articulation of the film’s hero.

Not only the sound engineer and actors help to achieve the best possible result. An important role is played by equipment. MART Sound has excellent microphones and convenient monitors. If necessary, at the post-production stage, you can impose sound special effects (city noise, birdsong, knocking wheels, etc.).

The voice-over of the videos does not mean just reading text. The musical design is of great importance. Very often songs are used in advertising. MART Sound strongly advises not to forget that each of the already existing tracks has an author. So, it’s important to settle the issue of using the composition you like to avoid copyright infringement.

If we talk about audio content, then in this case the importance of high-quality sound is as high as possible. A lot depends on the actor or speaker – the person who pronounces the text. Therefore, during voice-overs of commercials, exclusive video “on he occasion” it is important to choose the right voice.

Timbre and speed should be selected depending on the subject and purpose of your video. MART Sound has a good voice base, from which you can choose the ones you like. Specialists of MART Sound will help you to decide on the final candidate, based on the task.



Voice-over | per 1 minute of the final product

от 100 грн

Dubbing | per 1 minute of the final product

от 500 грн

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