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“To give your voice” is a phrase that has nothing to do with the political electoral process. Unless, of course, it’s not about sounding a video of a candidate. But as far as selectivity is concerned, it will be very useful when choosing a voice that will sound a film or another video.

To make the final result worthy, you need to bet on professionalism. That is, to choose not beginners, but well-proven professionals. It is worth noting that the real speaker never stops in the process of improving his/her voice, regularly performing exercises that help to develop and improve articulation, speech and sound.

Starting the search among the voices of the speakers, one has to turn to the voice database. And there are several “underwater currents”. Among a large number of recording studios, there are those who cooperate with their own speakers (actors), but there are those who work “through intermediaries”, doing a reorder. In the second case this, of course, will affect the final price.

To avoid additional costs, you should be interested in how voice recording is recorded. Working with the source of the base of the actors’ voices makes it possible to speed up and, what is just as important, to reduce the cost of the process.

The audio fragments can be determined with the help of the records by various speakers. You can familiarize yourself with samples of voices on the company’s website or directly in the studio.

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How to choose a voice for voice-over?

The speaker’s voice is something that is very well remembered. The use of a well-recognized voice in the voice-over of an advertisement is bad for the uniqueness, exclusivity of the product. It’s about offscreen voice-over, and not about the participation of a media person in the video (by the way, in this case, there is often a careful processing of the voice of the speaker). Therefore for each video it is necessary to select new speaker voices.

There are some principles that should be used when choosing a voice for voice-over. Here you can not be guided by the degree of popularity of the speaker. What is important is his professionalism, the ability to clearly and beautifully deliver the information to the consumer.

Considering all this, I must say that all speakers’ voices can be divided only on the basis of sex and age. So, in the advertising of goods for children and women, usually a female (mother) or a child’s voice sounds.

If we are talking about men’s goods, technology or something more serious, a male voice is appropriate. There are times when you need a male, female and child voice for voice-over. Usually this happens in the advertisement of what concerns family life. And, for example, in advertising of jewellery male and female voices are sometimes used.

Only by determining the category of the advertised product and the parameters of the voice of the voice-over, you can start searching. And you need to start it by listening to the voices corresponding to the designated categories – age, sex.

To choose the right voice, you need to listen to more than one option, listening attentively to the timbre, the clarity of the articulation, the nature of the perception of speech. As a rule, in a good studio, there are several dozens of different voices for voice-over.

Another important question that arises when choosing a voice for voice-over is the mastery of the language. Today, the most demanded speakers are those, who perfectly know the Ukrainian language. And it’s not in the vocabulary, but in the ability to correctly, but naturally, pronounce the inherent sounds of the Ukrainian language, correctly place the accent in words.

Often there is a need for a voice-over not only in Ukrainian or Russian, but also in foreign languages. Mostly it is English, French, German, Italian and other European languages. Speaking of English, it is worth remembering that classical English and its pronunciation are a bit different from what Americans speak. Therefore, starting the search for a speaker, it is worthwhile to specify which pronunciation is needed.

Nowadays, every self-respecting recording studio has a rich voice base. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find the desired timbre or language.

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