Recording a song

“I want to record a song!” – it’s a simple wish. And if it’s a song as a gift, then it’s a noble impulse. How to realize the desire in the best way?

At first you should realize: to make a high-quality recording of a song at home is not realistic. Therefore, following the desire to record a song, the search usually begins… First – the song that you want to record, and then – the studio, where the composition will be recorded.

Before you understand how to record a song in the studio, you should know about the criteria for choosing the recording studio. This can be argued for a long time. It is best to listen to reviews. For this you need not only the Internet, but personal communication with people, who have experience and work with such studios and whose opinions you safely trust. This is not the end of the search.

When you determined several recording studios, you need to study each portfolio, hold a personal meeting with the sound engineer and then make a decision. By the way, it is quite possible that in the MART Sound Production studio the client will be offered a song for performance.

To record the song as a gift came out as best as possible, the sound engineer will help to choose a song that will perfectly match the timbre, character and the vocal data. However, after the recording of the artist, the sound engineer chooses the most successful duplicates and, if necessary, corrects the vocal mistakes.

So, how do you actually record a song in a studio in Kiev? Thanks to modern technologies today on the Internet you can easily find a ‘minus’ of the song you like (that is, recording a track in which there is no vocal part).

After that the client has one hour to perform the song for the chosen ‘minus’, showing his vocal data. After it the active work of the sound engineer begins. Within an hour, he processes, selecting the best duplicates from the record, editing and mixing. Then mastering – and the song is ready. The whole process takes about 2 hours.


If you want to record a song in the studio, the price of the service is a very popular request. 2-hour work on creating a song record (the hour of vocal accumulation and the hour of processing and editing the material) in the studio MART Sound is 3000 UAH. As a result, the client receives a so-called demo-record.

If necessary, a more professional approach to recording songs in the studio, the price naturally increases. And the result is always happy. If there is more time to accumulate vocals, then more opportunities for the performer to sing well and accumulate a lot of good doubles. The final product will sound effective, if the recording engineer works longer. So, more professional song recording in Kiev will take about 3 hours (about 1.5 hours for recording vocals and as many for mixing and editing the finished track).

How to understand in which case it is worth spending a little more time and money? Usually a demo recording is quite acceptable for beginners or songwriters who want to put it on sale. In this case, musical nuances or unusual vocal data are not so important.

If the client wants to record a song as a gift, it is better to use a more extended service and give it a little more than 2 hours. Then the result will exceed expectations.

Those who want to surprise or conquer the tops of show business, you can use the service of recording ‘turnkey song’. It doesn’t just mean recording a track. The process begins with the development of the concept, the writing of words, then – creating the arrangement, recording vocals and instruments (if necessary), mixing and mastering… The process takes a lot of time. The cost of a ‘turnkey song’ depends on each of the above steps and is calculated individually for each request.

So, the cost of recording a song in the studio depends on the wishes, capabilities and ultimate goals of the client. You can make a track ‘in a hurry’, but you can give a potential hit. But with a team of professionals in the process of recording songs in the studio, in each case the result will deserve.

Where can you record a song? The Kiev studio of sound recording MART Sound Production offers different variants of recording – for every taste and for any reason.

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